Caitlin                   Captain Bart                          Lou                      Sam

I want to introduce to you Revival's newest crew for her second sail to Cuba and our reason for going.  First I'll start with the why.  Why not?  Our first trip to Cuba answered a lot of questions.  We know how to get there, how to get permission from the US, what Marina Hemingway is like, (bring a bucket of water to flush the toilets and your own seat if you want one) and that Customs will take your gifts if you declare them.

But it's an amazing place amidst a lot of political change.  It has wonderful art, music, dance, food, and culture.  Also, it has surf.  So I've pulled together a crew who are excited to write their own stories of exploring their passions in this now more accessible neighbor.   Our permit to enter Cuban seas is from May 15 - 31, 2016. 

Revival is currently docked at the NCOBS base in Everglades City.  I'll be flying to Tampa from leading sailing trips off Eluthera in the Bahamas.  Sam is coming in from Maine after driving a van back from HIOBS Key Largo.  I'll get he and Mom ad head right down to Revival, water up, and head out.  When I first asked Mom to join us, I said she could meet us in Key West, so she wouldn't have the hardship of going down the coast.  But she said she wanted to do the whole thing as she liked that part of the coast with our history of canoeing and sailing along it. 

Once in Key West, Caitlin will join us and if the weather is right, we'll cross.  It will be hot.  It will be buggy in Cuba.  We'll likely rent a room in Havana instead of staying on Revival in the dilapidated marina.